Hololens Interface for Bamboo Structure

Designing Mixed Reality User Interface for Bamboo-based architectural structure 

Grad School Project 

Cornell AAP

"Bamboo Tactics", Spring Semester, 2022

Hoon Yoon, Janet Lu, Milena Marchan

Working period : Jan.2022 ~ May.2022

Participated as an industrial, UI/UX/GUI designer along with PM role 


Samsung SmartThings Air 2.0 is an IoT-driven service plugin within the SmartThings platform that supports air quality monitoring, conditioning, and managing by comprehensively controlling air purifying devices linked with SmartThings. Connected with Samsung's smart home appliances by IoT connectivity, SmartThings Air allows users to facilitate easy in/outdoor air quality monitoring and intuitive air automation by air quality change. In particular, through this service user can diversly check 12 types of air quality index(PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0, TVOC, CO2, eCO2, Gas, and Radon) and spatial indoor temperature and humidity as a form of the comfort zone. Associated with this index data, SmartThings Air's automation is activated upon its atmospheric change and users can customize the air quality sensing threshold in accordance to their home condition. Moreover, in terms of business strategy, SmartThings Air provides the entry point that leads to Samsung Mall of which the certain page is linked with it so that the users seamlessly contact the certain air purifier or air conditioner models that support SmartThings Air without unnecessarily accessing external Samsung Mall.

* Detailed UIs(sequential workflow, wireframe, components definition) and Strategical Planning sections are not disclosed in this portfolio due to being treated as confidential data.