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Hoon Vince Yoon

Hoon Yoon, aka Vince is a designer who has been experiencing diverse areas of Industrial, Product, UI/UX, and interaction design. From grad school to business field, he has been proceeding projects integrating with emerging technologies like interactive product/artifact/system that combines with augmented interface.

In talking about his significant strength, he has an ability and experiences to distill the practical usability from converging

different fields like finding solutions between industrial design-based ergonomics and UX-based methodology.

For grad thesis, he did a project about how augmented GUI interplays with exterior environments. Based on user-centric

methodology and analysis he designed several types of interface models integrating with physical artifacts, for prototyping how augmented GUI could be permeated into our actual life.


Experienced Area

Industrial Design / Product Design / UI Design / UI Planning / UX Architecture / Interaction Design / Design Methodology-based Strategy



UI Planner & UX Architect, Designfever

Jan.2017 ~ Present - 5month



1. Samsung Interactive Table for Samsung Galaxy S8 New York Unpack 2017, Jan.2017 ~ Apr.2017

* Participated as an UI planner and UX architect for designing the UX structure and wireframe of Samsung Interactive Table

* Designed Hierarchical information tree from a perspective of UX-based methodology(in terms of Information Architecture)

* Designed and proposed the interaction sequences responsive to multitaction’s haptic gestures and objects’(Galaxy S8 and Transparent Acrylic Dial) physical movement on a surface

* Participated making the overall story-contents structure and flow of Samsung Interactive Table

* 3D-modeled and prototyped Transparent Acrylic Dial, which generates graphic interaction on a multitaction surface as an interactive medium

2. Lexus Interactive Installation Project, Apr.2017 ~ Present

* Currently Participates as an UX architect and Interaction Designer for designing the UX structure and wireframe of Lexus Interactive Installation

* Propose several concepts of how interactive installation integrates with Lexus LS

* Plan and design the overall interaction sequence of installation

* Involved in Interaction Development part in the process of designing graphic interaction responsive to physical gesture


Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Master of Industrial Design - MID / Sep.2014 ~ Jun.2016

 Grad Thesis: Interplayable Surface

- An exploration on Augmented GUI that coexists with physical environments

Main Thesis Advisor, Graduate Program Director: Andy Law

Adjunct Thesis Advisor: Tim Maly

External Thesis Advisor: Jaemin Cho

The goal of experiment-driven thesis is to envision and design an interactive GUI (graphic user interface) that coexists with physical surfaces. Based on an understanding of user behavioral patterns for accessing information in types of situations, experimentations and prototypes are implemented and tested with participants. Through the process of understanding User-factors for accessing information within situational specificity, thesis suggests several types of speculative user-scenarios for how augmented GUI could be permeated into actual life, combining with UX-centric points.


Interactive Design, HCI, GUI/UX, Augmented Reality, Affordance, Projection Mapping

Korea University / Seoul, South Korea

Bachelor of Fine Art in School of Art & Design - BFA / Mar.2008 ~ Feb.2014

* Majored in Industrial & Information Design

Graduate Project: HXD Project (Healthcare eXperience Design)

Cooperated with Korea University Medical Center (KUMC) / Mar.2013 ~ Oct.2013

Project URL:!graduation-project/c1567   

Hoon Yoon, Hyunjae Park, Jaehaeng Cho

Participated in as an Industrial, UX Designer/ Team Manager

Proposed design solutions for elderly customers who are exposed to communicative

problems at KUMC Administration Center

Award Accomplishments



Gold Winner, A Design Award, Apr.2017

"P-GUI Sticker" won the Gold Winner at the concealed category

" Advanced Design & Design Research" of A Design Award

Bronze, SparkAwards, Dec 2014

Category : Concept Design-"Medical Assist Band"

Bronze, Pin Upp Concept Design Awards, Oct 2013

Category : Healthcare Design sponsored by Samsung Electronics-"Pill Clip"

Authentication, Pin Upp Concept Design Awards, Oct 2013

Category : Student concept design


Winner, Reddot Design Award - Concept Design, Aug 2013

Category : Mobility-"Flexi-Bike"




Finalist, International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), Apr 2013

Category : Student Design-"Pill Clip"



Grand Prize, GM Korea Student Automotive Challenge 2012, May 2012

Participated in as a graphic & car exterior designer

Financial Aid as scholarship grant, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), March 2014

Got awarded 10,000$ financial aid as scholarship funding from RISD

Seokrim Scholarship, Seokrim Scholarship Committee, Korea University, Sep 2008

Awarded by Seokrim Scholarship Committee, Korea University



Cooperative projects with external organization

Design for Aging, RISD, Spring semester, 2015

Hoon Yoon, Antonio Papania-Davis

Cooperated with local sanatorium Laurelmead, Providence, RI

Project URL:!re-walk/f17qc

Participated the project as an ethnography researcher and a design developer. To develop the

proper artifact to elders in need of flexible maneuvering of walker, we speculatively designed

and proposed the concept of flexible walker that allows them to conveniently stretch its joints

depending on certain situation.

UnCom : Unusual Combination - Interaction Design Project, Korea University, 2013

Hoon Yoon

Cooperated with Advanced-Design Team of Samsung Electronics/ Apr.2013 ~ Jul.2013

Participated in as Interaction Designer

Project URL:!see-through-lips/c17w7

Created an interactive installation based on Arduino Kits



Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect / Processing(Visual Interaction) / Arduino(Physical

Interaction) / Rhino 3D / 3D MAX / Adobe Experience Design(XD) / UI/UX Workflow (User

Research / Information Architecture / Wireframe / Interaction / Prototyping) 

Military Service

Honorably discharged as an Army Sergeant of Republic of Korea Army / Goheung, South Korea / Feb.2009 ~ Dec.2010

Signal Corpsman in 31 infantry division




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