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Braille Pin


Spring semester 2015, RISD


Designer : Hoon Yoon


Working period : Mar. 2015



An interactive medium that fosters non-verbal communication by braille

In understanding the contextual meaning that braille contains, the haptic action is entailed in order to appreciate it. As a communicative medium, braille is widely utilized for interacting with the blind and non-verbally represents the sense of what the object, the action, the context essentially expresses . 


Initiated with this fundamental idea, Braille Pin creates new interplayable activity between individuals by braille that represents the owner’s state. Through the play of touching the other’s braille engraved on the brooch, each other guesses the other’s mind or emotional status. Even though knowing nothing about braille, they can verify the meaning of the braille by seeing the back of the brooch plate, which is engraved in word. Not only utilized just as a decorative item, Braille Pin could be the opportunity to experience how to communicate via braille as a little play.

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