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Dish Kit

Product Designer : Hoon Yoon

Research Analyst : Chaemin Ahn


Working period : Jan. 2013 ~ Feb. 2013



For the families with children, having a picnic on outdoor sometimes shows a tendency of preparing excessive quantity of disposable plastic dishes and forks for their picnic meals than they need. Particularly in case that there are some leftover disposable utensils after the picnic, they mostly do whether just keep it or dump it to a trash bin. Even worse, they just throw it away to the ground with no conscious. Eventually such a situation of picnic on outdoor will gradually arouse the problems of resource waste and destruction to the environment.


Started from that issue, Dish-Kit aims to prevent unnecessary waste of using utensils at picnic. Unlike previously preparing excessive amount of disposable plastic utensils for going out a picnic, Disk Kit has an advantage that user can easily prepare proper numbers of kit per persons who is going for a picnic. Due to that, it helps to save unnecessary, wasteful utensils.

In talking out main usability, no matter how many people are in the group,  Dish-kit is effectively handed out to every individuals as a set per person, so it improves the efficiency. Also it creates space efficiency by piling them up especially carrying it for a picnic. Besides, from the environmental perspective, the kit is totallly natural-friendly product in that it is made of starch plastic, so it is naturally decomposed within 3 years even though it is buried underground.

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