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reddot design award-concept design 2013 / Winner

Pin Upp Concept Design Awards 2013 / Authentication

Spark Design Awards 2013 / Finalist


Designer : Hoon Yoon


Working period : Oct. 2012 ~ Jan. 2013





Flexi-Bike is a futuristic bicycle with rotating frame joints that allow its shape (and the rider's posture) to be dramatically altered. It is basically designed for people who want to enjoy diverse biking experience with a single bike. The frame contains three circular rotating joints that can dynamically transform the exterial shape of the bike. The riding posture can thus be altered to suit the terrain through which one is travelling. Besides, the LED display attached to the handlebar provides the riders with helpful informations such as the bicycle's speed , the distance travelled, and the calories burnt by them.

Flexi Bike With Rotating Frame Allows You to Change Your Riding Posture   Tuvie.
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