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Oriental-Organic Tableware

RISD Grad course, Winter Session 2o15


Working period : Jan.2015 ~ Feb.2015





What I attempted to do for the final project is metaphorically visualizing the inherent relationship in coexistence with natural, organic shaped forms, slightly containing its practical aspect. In regard to the overall, comprehensive concept of the tableware set I created, initially thought about some concepts of the coexistence between the unexpected relationships such as utilizing and the organic form, several insects printed on its surface and some images of daily commodities or products which could be seen as bizarre things to go along with its natural aspects. In this kind of little bit strange looked relation, dramatically, it could be significantly discovered some metaphorical notions of unexpected, whimsical and enjoyable reciprocality between its two aspects in terms of the view of contemporary art.



 In regard to the overall formative aspect of the tableware I made, partially, I aimed for the certain condition or some actions for grasping and handling them, which is in a sense that by taking advantage of little curved grip point, users can easily hold the tableware ergonomically.

In terms of the overall concept for color tone and expression, as the reference I mentioned previously from the artists research, I was initially inspired by some kinds of oriental, naturally unpolished - notioned view such as untrimmed edges and forms or the use of natural color tones and images which could be seen as emotionally arousing the softness from itself. Consequently, I tried to materialize this kind of metaphorical, representational aspects derived from this kind of emotional feeling into my artworks in a way of making use of randomly and naturally- free-falling color dots onto its surface, and which could aesthetically make people get inspired with some pureness of nature from the visual interaction with itself in along with placing the fresh, raw food like sushi in it and enjoy with it. 

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