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Product Designer : Hoon Yoon

Research assistant : Chaemin Ahn


Working period : May. 2013 ~ Jun. 2013






In case that we have a severe accident of being drowned in an ice crack, due to dangerous in thin thickness of surface of ice, it is hard for the rescuers to approach the accident site. Moreover, current system of rescuing people with ice-rescue board usually needs 2 rescuers at least: rider and assistant who pull the board out of the ice crack. Given that points, saviour is basically designed for ice rescue with only single rescuer. Compared to the current rescue scene that requires more than at least 2 rescuers, on the contrary, Saviour has potential advantage that even only 1 person can do the rescue all by himself with it. The towing coil inside the board make the rescue moment more easier that even only one rescuer can rescue drowned people by simply pressing a tow button to get them out of the ice crack. Consequently, It is predicted that this kind of beneficial feature will reduce work load and enhance the quality of recue in convenience way without any extra hands.

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