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Clarifying the direction

In a process of verifying the possibility that interaction could be assimilated into the daily life as a mutual being, I started to initially consider its expandable opportunities that could possibly interplay with physical objects that we can experience in our daily life.

In terms of mapping the opportunities for conducting experiential experiments, re-defining and re-constructing the concept of visual interaction which is expected to happen at certain space was significantly playing a crucial role in a first phase of proceeding a project I planned. When it comes to the macro-approach for project, heuristic experiment fundamentally based on UI/UX centric perspective will mainly be prioritized for experimentally validating its adaptability on external environments. To ultimately achieve a goal of speculating its possibility of that visual interaction existing in daily life interacts with subjects as an interplayable texture that permeate the environment, the practical approach of foreseeing its heuristic usability will intrinsically be considered.


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