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Consideration about segmentalizing the directions(based on field research of visual interaction)

What kind of principle or mechanism of visual interaction can help to drive its diverse possibility to interplay with physical subjects including humans at a certain situational specificity? What if we can segmentalize its directions into several ways in order to clarify its usage and increase the chance of its environmental adaptability on real life?

During preparing sequences of implementing the heuristic experiments about the concept of applying the visual interaction to physical objects and environments, those kind of intrinsic questions towards the project became to enlarge its volume with ambiguous clues inside of my head.

So, I started to briefly do some basic field research on areas of visual interaction even including fine-art.

In understanding the realm of visual interactions expressed in numerous ways and methods with a purpose of either a practical usage for conveniently sustaining our life or an experimental attempts, comprehensively observing the intentions and technologies inherent in interactions was quite effective for clarifying my further directions and having a clue that have a possibility of transforming into a concrete idea within entire project. As commented from initial phase of proposal, the vast majority of visual interaction was primarily utilized as a communicative medium that provides or transfer the certain informations to other subjects, and specifically it could be interpreted and segmentalized into several concepts depending on situational specificity: It could merely provide the informative aspects in methods of interactive visualization technically embedded with software coding in case the users approach it and try to communicate with it. Moreover, thanks to rapid technology advance, it is apparent that visual interaction is consequentially becoming to transform its appearance into a more intuitive being that any people can perceive its message without literally feeling its existence in real life. Similarly, in the area of graphic installation, its usage becomes to be interpreted in various ways, not just constrained within the concept of providing informative aspects: it could graphically translate the certain data of weather forecast into the intuitive graphic visualization that anybody come to perceive it as a graphically playful game or an elaborate mathematic-shaped installation that looks like an art piece.

In this process regarding implementing the experiment, based on various methods of approach that contemporary visual interaction contains, consequently the several macro milestones for experiment was set up and segmentalized for clarifying the objective and specify its way of approach: 1) visual interaction combined with visual element 2)visual interaction combined with informative elements 3) visual interaction combined with the hybrid elements of graphic and informative element.

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