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Experiment #2: Guerrilla visual interaction at outdoor

In along with keep proceeding the project of conducting experiment in a sense of applying visual interaction to internal environment, I also simultaneously tested out the external adaptability experiment of that visual interaction is displaying at outdoor.

<this is the moment that I visited Madison Square Park in New York, Oct 6th, 2015 and set up the devices to conduct the experiment about external adaptability of visual interaction>

In recognizing the environmental surroundings in terms of maintaining the quality of the experiment, there were several obstacles to overcome for applying digital visual interaction to physical environment that exists beyond limited inner space: Technically, the overall external environment for projecting the visual interaction was not eligible to capitalize on as a certain type of subject for interplaying. Despite considering the rudimentary issue of highly brightness in the middle of afternoon, the certainty of people’s patterns of behavior reciprocally relevant to visual interaction happening at outdoor contradictorily generates more problematic situations in terms of making them perceive and interact with it properly.

Eventually, through this experiment, it became to be apparent that UX based ethnographic observation/research should be significantly considered in along with the concept generation.

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