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Augmented Reality simulation_based on situational specificity

Experiment #1 : visual interaction as a status signage

In expanding the speculative usage of interactive interface which interplay with physical environment, I experimentally attempted to consider the other possibility, which is distinctive to the overall direction which is mainly focusing on utilitarian usability: that is, about the idea that virtual interface simultaneously contains humorous attribute which consequently contributes users to vigorously participate in what they used to avoid in their daily life. For example, as for me, I do not usually do laundry every week because of my unexcusable thoughts, which was that “I have been busy with experimenting and documenting for a few weeks. My blanket starts to stink, my white clothes are statined, but it would be alright to postpone doing laundry to following week”. Inspired by this experience, as the graphic shows in Figure 1, I thought about the usability that virtual interface in home comically warn users to deal with what they missed out on or they are reluctant to do.

Figure 1: Interaction that indicates that it is about time to laundry

Experiment #2 : Visual interaction as a music player

Figure 2, 3: Graphic variation for augmented music player projected on the wall

As a part of experiment for verifying the concept that typical application most people make use of in daily life is harmonized with physical environment, I simulated the virtual looking-situation that user configures the augmented music player virtually displayed on the wall. In this case, I intended to visualize the sound wave responsive to tone of music user chose to play. As seen at figure 2, 3, I speculatively simulated the certain situation that user can perceive what they hear within their environment in a graphical way.

Experiment #3 : Augmented communication during cooking

Figure 4: Augmented GUI for sharing your cooking with others

In a sense of sharing something valuable or accomplishable with others whether we know or not, getting access to SNS(Social Network Service, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to attract their attention becomes a very common scene in our lives. Even for doing something which might not be incredible to anybody, some persons are into sharing every moments of a process of it till its’ finish, upload it to Facebook or Instagram, and get “Like”s from people. On a point that people tend to simultaneously capture the moment of what they are doing even while doing it, I attempted to simulated the augmented interface that interplays with what you just cooked. In Figure 4, I assumed the situation that there is an interaction embedded with a bunch of commonly used-SNS icons right besides the dish user just made and it likely communicates with him in a way of displaying a text which encourages him in a sense of accomplishment. Also, I virtually intended that user shares the moment he want to introduce to people through clicking the SNS icon in an interface.

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