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Smart-Vegi Shower Handle



Product Designer : Hoon Yoon


Working period : Sept. 2013 ~ Nov. 2013



Smart-Vegi Shower Handle is a futuristic, smart home appliance that is aimed for the people who have a difficulty in washing the vegetables properly because of lack of knowledge for treating them for cooking. In particular, despite that fact that there are appropriate ways that is respectively suitable for washing vegetables, some people with lack of knowledge oftenly committed mistakes and spoiled the whole cooking. Given that problem, it provides you with convenient way of living. Compared to previous uses, you don't have to either check or adjust the temperature or the pressure of water because shower handle automatically control it by syncronizing the data of specific vegetable to wash from the application of smart phone. Eventually, all you have to do with this device is just holding it.

Phase 1


Access to ‘Smart vegi-wahing' application, search what you are about to wash(background scene will change with related vegetable name as soon as flicking arrow around name), and then click cloud icon to transfer.



Phase 2


Seconly, what you have to do is that make sure that shower handle is connected with your smartphone by Blutooth. And then transfer the information you found, then it will automatically adjust its command; water temperature, pressure, procedure.

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