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2016-04-12 18.26.25.jpg

Visualizing social relationship by living web

Interaction-based Product Design Project

Working period: Mar.2016 ~ Apr.2016

RISD Grad course, Spring Semester 2016




In metaphorically visualizing the connections between elements—which could be individuals, structures, and spaces, I created a subtle relationship by juxtaposing the graphic motions of living webs with an architectural model that signifies modularized geometrical forms combined with minimized architectural attributes.

* In regard to the technical aspect to create graphics-based projection mapping responsive to physical stimulus, I used Processing, Arduino, and a projector.

2016-04-19 18.25.12_1.gif

By fluctuating values sensed from the IR sensor(distance sensor), I intended the graphic interaction of changing the thickness of the moving web.

2016-04-19 18.25.12.gif
2016-04-19 18.31.26.jpg
2016-04-19 15.38.20.jpg
2016-04-19 18.25.12_2.gif
2016-04-12 18.11.00.jpg
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