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Watertank Wheel 

Winner, Asia Design Prize 2017, May 2017

Designer : Hoon Yoon


Working period : Mar. 2015 ~ Apr. 2015, Dec.2016 ~ Jan.2017(Usability was partially revised) 





Watertank Wheel is basically aimed for people who lives in water shortage countries suffering serious water supply problem. Particularly in the region where the water supply infrastructure is not properly equipped, attaining appropriate amount of water is real struggle.

In figuring out a solution, Watertank Wheel suggests a niche usability in that it helps the habitants to carry additional amount of water at a single time, by utilizing unused space of the vehicle they are using in daily life. Only by unclipping the safe hinges, water tank is separated from the wheel, filled with water and then refitted into the wheel conveniently.

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