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Wholefoods Promotional App Proposal

RISD, spring semester, 2015,

Revised in Mar. 2017


Hoon Yoon




Whole Foods achieve its success up until 2005


In regard to Whole Foods’ successful achievement until 2005, there are several micro and macro reasons behind that. From the micro view, in terms of building up their business model towards the market, they positioned themselves as a corporation pursuing the themes of “natural, sustainably developed, grown under the fair trade, green friendly” based on consumer’s need and lifestyle. From the macro view, there are several social trends which also bring on Whole Foods’ successful achievement. The major driver of the trend regarding Whole Foods was on the social needs of healthier eating in terms of growth of aging people seeking for better quality of foods and increasing concerns over obesity. Additionally, in along with these external factors, there was an ideological trend called LOHAS derived from the concept of “do good” for entire society based on the health awareness. Consequently, due to this kind of social trends, the vast majority of people seeking for better quality of lifestyle come to visit the Whole Food store and cause enormous margin to the corporation.

Several charts below are business strategy - based analytic study with utilizing SWOT, Business Canvas Model. Through this process, I  tried to clarify the core marketing and business value Wholefoods is pursuing at the market.

Wholefoods Promotional App: Who made this?


In most of Wholefoods market, integrated with stunning marketing strategy, Wholefoods is conducting compelling marketing campaign that promote not only healthy, organic products, but also manufacturers--mostly farmers, fisherman--who have been cultivating, farming, raising products with honest. Combined with sincere ownership in terms of product storytelling, Wholefoods' branding experience seen from the poster, magazine, website is expressing that what you are eating by cooking with wholefoods product is fundamentally from trustful farmer's or fisherman's hands.

Connected with this direction point on Wholefoods' marketing and branding UX strategy, I conceptually proposed and designed wholefoods promotional application that aims to promote local manufacturers along with their local products in terms of trustful ownership, and by that I intended to foster social media-based communication between app users who are interested in or bought a same product.

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