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Samsung Mobility Vision for CES 2018

Participated as a UX planner and UX designer for designing the UX structure, IA, interaction sequence, and wireframe.

- Also planned the entire schedule for filming between Samsung, Designfever, and film production.

Working period : Sep.2017 ~ Dec.2017



Eclectic Connectivity between Connected Car and IoT-driven Smart Devices 


The recent development that the current automobile industry is showing is transforming its expandability to boundless connectivity. Unconstrained in vehicle-centric experience, nowadays’ traits of autonomous vehicles redefine and bolster the meaning of “user experience” in a totally different way, by integrating with IoT-driven ecosystems. Interconnected with adjacent smart devices and platforms, the entire user experience has been augmented so the interplayable interaction between them is more seamlessly immersive than ever. Thanks to this innovative explosion that IoT-driven tangible, intangible infrastructure distributes, nowaday's connected car gets more diversified usability and interactivity towards future's user environment.

Given this shifting technological advance, in CES 2018 Las Vegas Samsung unveiled "Samsung Mobility Vision" to the press, showing the futuristic lifestyle of how connected car interconnected with IoT-based smart devices can dramatically influence our way of life and adaptively merged with it. Combined with Samsung's IVI(In-Vehicle Infotainment) system for connected car--Digital Cockpit, the overall user experience in the scenes speculatively shows possibility on IoT-driven ecosystem that could be permeated into our daily life in a pragmatic sense.

* Detailed UIs(sequential workflow, wireframe, components definition) and Strategical Planning sections are not disclosed in this portfolio due to being treated as confidential data.

Official Introduction Site(Company):


Film Director(Namhoon Huh):

Press at Youtube:

* Official Video

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Scenario Plot Brief on Samsung Mobilty Vision

Jenny(Mom) is a photographer and is about to go back home by calling her smart car via smart watch in the forest. Meanwhile at home, Jack(Dad) was preparing a meal for his family and also about to pick up his son(Alex) by his car. During both journeys to go back home, each characters in this video shows future's IoT-driven technology-integrated user experiences by interacting with smart devices and interfaces.

Key UI Scene #1. 

Interactivity:  Connected Car's IVI interface x Smart Watch(Samsung Galaxy Watch)

To go home, Jenny’s car is ready and approaches to the location of Jenny while showing the estimated time of arrival via Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision 1z.gif

Key UI Scene #2. 

Interactivity:  IoT Smart Refrigerator(Samsung Family Hub) x  Connected Car's IVI interface

For picking up Jack's son(Alex), he commands "Get my car ready" to the smart refrigerator while cooking in the kitchen. Then its schedule is activated, seamlessly orchestrating the vehicle activation and updating route information through the interface of smart refrigerator and connected car's IVI interface.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision.gif

Key UI Scene #3.

Interactivity:  Connected Car's HUD screen

With the car pre-activated by  voice command at the kitchen, Jack comes down to garage, getting on the car. When grabbing a wheel to start an engine, a connected car's HUD(Head Up Display) shows the graphic interface that directs the route to Alex's location.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_2.gif

Key UI Scene #4.

Interactivity:  Smartphone x Connected Car's Rear Seat Monitor

Jack's vehicle arrives at Alex's location, and picks up Alex to his car. In the rear seat side, Alex puts his smartphone on to the armrest seat with the on-going game playing screen. As soon as the phone is laid on the armrest seat, phone is automatically in sync with the rear seat monitor so the game interface is re-displayed on it and the gaming experience is continually maintained. 

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_1.gif

Key UI Scene #5.

Interactivity:  Connected Car's Rear Seat Monitor X Connected Car's IVI Interface

With driving a car, Jenny is trying to make a call to Alex via voice command, and each interface of Jenny's car and Jack's rear seat monitor are responding to the call.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_4.gif

Key UI Scene #6.

Interactivity: Connected Car's Side Cam  X Connected Car's Rear Seat Monitor

During the call with her son Alex, Jenny shows her outside view via exterior side cam and Alex views its scenery in real time through the rear seat monitor.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_5.gif

Key UI Scene #7.

Interactivity:  Speaker with displayable surface

Jack is back home with his son Alex, commanding his car to get back to the garage, and the speaker at home is showing the welcome sign with turning on music.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_3.gif

Key UI Scene #8.

Interactivity:  Connected Car's HUD screen

On the way back home under the rainy situation at night,  Jenny's car suddenly detects that the cat is on the road, warning Jenny via HUD screen with a graphic alert.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_6.gif

Key UI Scene #9.

Interactivity:  TV screen

Jenny just arrives at home eventually with the cat saved on the road, entering the entrance to get inside the home. Meanwhile, Jack and Alex are noticing her coming via notification alarm graphics on the TV screen.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_7.gif

Key UI Scene #10.

Interactivity:  Connected Car's IVI interface

Jenny's car in the garage automatically turns itself into sleep mode, activating recharging mode with an adaptive interface to shifting screen ratio.

2018 Samsung Mobility Vision_8.gif
Remiv_Mevvvddvin2 copy 2.png
Remivv_Mevvvvvin2 copy.png

<Press review on Samsung CES 2018 -- Smart Car of the Future>

* The review on Samsung Mobility Vision is mainly introduced along with the physical model of Samsung Digital Cockpit in the video. 

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