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Interaction Designer (UI)



E: T: +82 10 3102 4489 (Korea)   Portfolio: Linkedin:

As a UI designer at Samsung Electronics and Designfever, Hoon Yoon has been participating in UI/UX projects that associate with diverse emerging technologies such as Mixed Reality, Tangible UX, Connected Car, and IoT. Recently, he has been designing the user interface and user scenarios regarding Multimodal interaction-driven eXtended Reality (XR). Also, he holds a Master of Science at Matter Design Computation (M.S.MDC) from Cornell University, and was a research associate of Jenny Sabin Lab (JSLab) at Cornell AAP. With accumulated experiences of Mixed Reality and Computational Design, regarding his recent academic activity, he conducted his thesis project about modeling a holographic micro-cellular structure responsive to physical gestures and an environment. 

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Keyword Summary - Areas, Tools, and Skills

[Areas of Experience]

Multimodal Interaction-driven Gesture Design in XR, IoT-driven Service Platform, UI Standardization in IoT-driven Service Platform, Connected Car, Multitaction Table, Microscopic Biology-inspired Holographic Interface, Computational Design

[UI/UX/GUI Tools]

Sketch (★★★★★), Figma (★★★★★), Protopie (★★★★★), Photoshop (★★★★★), Illustrator (★★★☆☆), After Effect (★★★★☆), InVision (★★★☆☆), Zeplin (★★★☆☆)

[UI/UX - Work & Methodology Skills]

Prototyping, UI Wireframe, GUI Design, Developmental Workflow, Information Architecture, UI Standardization, UEQ-driven Affinity Analysis, HCI-driven FGI & Testing


[VR/MR Tools]

Unreal Engine (★★★☆☆), Unity 3D (★★★☆☆), Fologram (★★★★★), Rhino3D and Grasshopper (★★★★☆)


Military Service

Honorably discharged as an Army Sergeant of Republic of Korea Army / Goheung, South Korea / Feb.2009 ~ Dec.2010

Signal Corpsman in 31 infantry division

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