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Hoon Yoon, a.k.a. Vince, is a designer who has been experiencing the realms of UI/UX, Industrial, and Interaction Design. From school to the business field, he proceeded, participated in projects that harness emerging technologies like tangible interface, connected car, and IoT. And now, he is working as an interaction designer(UI) in the UX Platform Group of CDC(디자인경영센터) at Samsung Electronics, participating in designing UI/UX of IoT service platform(To update my status quo, I'm currently on academic leave for Cornell University's AAP - M.S. MDC program).

In regard to his most recent academic achievement, in the RISD MID program he conducted a grad thesis project on how the augmented GUI is applied to physical environment and interplay with the user under situational specificity. Based on user-participatory experiments and prototypings in the process, he designed, produced several types of interface models combined with the physical surface. Through this, he suggested a possibility of how the future usability of the augmented interface is speculatively shaped.

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Experienced Area

UI/UX Design, Planning(Framework-based)  /  Information Architecture(IA)  /  Interaction Design  /  Parametric & Generative Design & Modeling / Product Design / Projection Mapping  /  Tangible User Interface(TUI)  /  HCI-based Methodology  /  Industrial Design  






Sketch / Protopie / Figma / Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effect / Framer X / Adobe XD / Powerpoint / Keynote


Parametric Modeling

Rhino 3D / Grasshopper 

Visual Programming

Processing(Visual Interaction Tool) / C++

Physical Computing

Arduino(Physical Interaction)

Military Service

Honorably discharged as an Army Sergeant of Republic of Korea Army / Goheung, South Korea / Feb.2009 ~ Dec.2010

Signal Corpsman in 31 infantry division

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