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Abstract Reinterpretation2_Arraying microscopic cross section

RISD Grad course, Winter Session 2016

Working period : Jan.2016 ~ Feb.2016





From second day of class "Digitize Biodiversity', we had such an uncommon chance to visit the most exciting site, RISD Nature LAB. Fortunately we had an wonderful opportunities to observe numerous types and sizes of species including micro ones. In regard to investigating microspecies we can't see through eyes, we utilized several types of microscopes that selectively provide slightly different magnification.



After this event, I saved some photos of microscopic images, started to think about some abstract reinterpretation based on what I observed from the class, and came to figure out in a way of capitalizing on microscopic textures as a cross section of geometrically extruded shapes. Then I tried to bend and twist the shapes and construct the compositional relationship between abstractly exaggerated units.

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