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Pill Clip

Pin-upp Concept Design Awards / Bronze, 2013

Spark Design Award 2013 / Finalist

International Design Excellence Awards 2013 (IDEA) / Finalist



Product & UX Designer : Hoon Yoon

Research Assistant : Chaemin Ahn


Working period : Jan.2013 ~ Feb.2013





Pill Clip is basically designed for elderly people who have a symptom of alzheimer to notice themselves appropriately that it's time to take a pill. Consisted of alarming system combined with interface that indicates the time of taking pills, so when the time arrives, it intuitively informs the elders or their guardians by various ways of alarming like vibration, sound alarming, and visual alarming like interface graphic is visually beeping. 

By these functional features, the guardians who take care of the elders ables to at least notice the timing of taking pills even though the elders having alzheimer do not recognize it.

Pill Clip   Tuvie.png
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