Samsung Interactive Table for Samsung Galaxy S8

New York Unpacked 2017

Reddot Winner, 2017

Reddot Design Award - Communication Design 2017

Category: Interface Design

Participated as an UX planner and UX designer

for designing the UX structure, IA, interaction sequence and wireframe of Samsung Interactive Table


Working period : Jan.2017 ~ Apr.2017



In Samsung Galaxy S8’s New York Unpack at Lincoln Center 2017, Samsung Interactive table engaged many visitors to experience emerging features of Samsung Galaxy S8. Integrated with acrylic jog dial as a menu controller, the table enabled to navigate Samsung Galaxy S8’s new features and experience immersive graphic interactions that interplays with story contents. Graphic Interaction that happens in each sequence is responsive to Samsung Galaxy S8 and acrylic jog dial’s movement, and it creates diverse graphical responses depending on how the phone and the jog dial meet each other or how they are located on the surface. Based on this usability, the installation conveyed a sense of life style combined with Samsung Galaxy S8 and its affiliated product lines.

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